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15 Tell-Tale Signs That You Are A Nudist


Do you like taking off all your clothes and walking around with your boobs, balls and butt out in the open air? Does the thought of heading to a clothing-optional beach give you the overwhelming urge to rip your clothes off? Or maybe you’d just rather hang out with other similarly naked people than with your jeans and sweatpants-wearing buddies?

If you found yourself nodding along to one or all of these questions, it could be a tell-tale sign that you are nudist.

But apart from the obvious – the fact that you love being butt naked surrounded by other butt naked people – what else is a dead giveaway of your preference for life in the buff?

Read on for an extensive list of all the other symptoms indicating that you’re diverting away from a regular “textile” life and heading along naked highway towards nudistville.

1.   You know you’re a nudist when you prefer walking around without clothes than wearing them

The most common red flag when it comes to being a nudist is your relationship to clothes. Do you find clothes more of a help or a hindrance? Do you feel that they’re unnecessary and superfluous?

Sure, wearing clothes in the winter is kind of necessary to prevent you from getting frostbite and freezing to death. They also make a cute fashion statement. But do you actually like wearing them? In the summer? When the weather is warm? Or do you prefer the freedom of being able to walk around, unobstructed by skinny jeans and undisturbed by your tight bra?

If you find yourself wandering around the house nude and seeking out places where you can get naked (legally), it might be fair to say that you are a nudist.

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Source: Haulover Beach

Original publication 18 April, 2020

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