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12 Progressively bold things to do naked

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12 Progressively bold things to do naked
Being naked feels great, doesn’t it? It’s the way we came into the world, and it’s the way nature intended us to be.

The feel of the sun, wind and water against our bare bodies is so natural and freeing.

The ancient Greeks knew this and celebrated the naked human form, especially when it came to sports and competition. In fact, the word gymnasium comes from the Greek word “gymos,” which literally means naked.

The original Olympic games featured nude athletes running, wrestling, and boxing. In Sparta, even the female athletes competed naked, much to the enjoyment of the Spartan boys who were allowed to watch.

We also know that ancient cultures in Egypt, India, and the Orient practiced nudism. And many remote tribes in Africa and South America wear little to no clothing even to this day.

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Source: The Elephant Journal

13 September, 2017, 5:20 pm

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