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12 Activities To Try During National Nude Recreation Week


July 5 to 11 is National Nude Recreation Week, a time when naturist organizations such as the American Association For Nude Recreation (AANR) and The Naturist Society (TNS) go all out to promote the benefits of enjoying life’s pursuits sans clothes. Naturists (aka nudists) have historically been a secretive lot, congregating on remote beaches or behind high fences in naturist resorts, but over the last few decades, the joys and benefits of nude recreation have become more widely appreciated, and naturism has entered the mainstream. Frolicking in the nude used to be considered the preserve of aging hippies or drunken Spring Break college students, but not anymore. Today, people are far more open to sharing their naked pursuits — check out Twitter or Instagram, and there is no end to celebrities and others boasting of how they skinny-dipped, worked on their all-over tan, or tried naked bungee jumping.

So what activities can you do naked? Frankly, anything you enjoy doing where clothes play no part in keeping you safe.

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1. Get That All-Over Tan

Nothing could be easier to start your nude recreation journey. Eliminate those white bits by losing your swimsuit on a beach or in the privacy of your back yard. Not sure where the nearest clothing optional beach is? Check out the AANR and TNS websites for one closest to you. While there are relatively few “official” nude beaches in North America, there are thousands of miles of coastline and deserted inland spots where disrobing is safe. In Florida, head to Haulover Beach in Miami — a super stretch of sand where nudists and so-called textiles lie side by side. In California, seek out Baker Beach in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge or San Onofre and Blacks Beach near San Diego. Further north, Gunnison Beach in New Jersey is one of the largest clothing-optional beaches on the Atlantic coast, attracting thousands of visitors on warm weekends.

Check out Everything You Wanted To Know About Being A Naturist But Were Afraid To Ask for more beach-specific and naturist resort recommendations!

2. Ditch The Soggy Swimsuit

The downside of spending a day at the beach and dipping in and out of the sea is having to wear a soggy, clinging swimsuit with sand that finds its way to every orifice and is determined to stay there, chaffing, until you finally jump in the shower. Not to mention having to perform a ridiculous routine of changing out of your swimsuit while holding a towel just in case your neighbor might spot your nipple. With no swimsuit, simply head out of the water and let earth’s most natural hair drier do the rest. Getting dressed without having to worry about a towel slipping is soooo much easier. If you’re lucky enough to have a hot tub at home, why would you wear a swimsuit? Not only is the hot tub experience better as water jets caress your body, getting dry afterward is also quick and easy.

Chris Moore Hike / Chris Moore

3. Take A Naked Hike

Apart from strolling along the beach —look out for signs which designate the boundaries of the clothing-optional areas — there are many remote areas where one can hike wearing nothing but boots and a smile. The remote areas of Moab in Utah or remote stretches of the Appalachian Trail or the 2,600-mile Pacific Crest Trail are often frequented by those who love being naked in the great outdoors. You can also hike naked in U.S. national parks. Nudity in the parks is not against federal law per se, unless there is an intent to cause harm or offend others. Local legislation may be a bit more restrictive, so be sure to check them out before setting off.

In Arizona, Redington Pass near Tucson is well established as a hiking trail used by naturists. As with any public nude activity, good planning is essential to make sure you do not offend others. Even in the remotest areas, be ready to cover up when approaching other (clothed) hikers. In Europe, join the Naked European Walking Tour for some serious naked hiking in the Alps. A more leisurely option may be to hike within the confines of an established naturist resort; Olive Dell Ranch in California, Mountain Air Ranch in Colorado, and Sunshower Country Club in Indiana all have a number of trails that can be easily hiked naked. Nude Hiking Day is June 20, 2021.

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Original publication 19 June, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 25th June 2021

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