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10 Social Media Tips for Naturist Businesses


Never before has it been so easy to advertise. If you’ve been in business for a while, you probably remember the days when your best option was to advertise in naturist magazines. When you had to get stacks of flyers, brochures and stickers printed which you would hand out at travel fairs and naturist resorts. And in the end, it was often because of your previous customers, and their word of mouth publicity, that you gained a new audience.

Then came the internet, and suddenly there were websites to advertise on. Now there’s another new layer on top of that: social media. Today everybody is a publisher. Even if you only have 10 Facebook friends, those 10 people will simultaneously see what you’re doing, where you’re eating, where you’re sleeping and what you’re buying. It’s like word of mouth, without actually having to talk to people in person.

The good thing about social media is that it’s completely free. Now it’s actually possible to promote your naturist business without having to spend a single cent. Yet, the large majority of naturist businesses today are stuck with social media profiles with only a handful of followers.

Here are 8 tips to stick out above the others and successfully advertise your naturist business via social media.

1. Nude pictures on Facebook and Instagram are a big NO!

Two of the largest social media networks, Facebook and Instagram, have a very strict anti-nudity policy. We have only one advice: Follow that policy!

Lots of naturist businesses, when they first start using social media, ignore the anti-nudity rules. They believe that their photos won’t pose a problem because they’re about recreational nudity. So they can’t fall in the same category as erotic nudity and porn, right? Wrong. On Facebook and Instagram, no nudity means NO NUDITY. More specifically: No female nipples, no genitals and no close-ups of naked butts.

If you don’t follow the rules, your posts will be removed, they’ll make it harder for others to find your profile, they’ll block your user account and eventually delete your profile. Yes, they can do that.

Other social media platforms are a bit more nudity friendly. Twitter allows nudity in your posts but not in your profile image and banner. YouTube allows nudity in your videos but you have to categorise them as adult content. Some of the smaller social media platforms like MeWe allow nudity altogether, with the result that they also contain lots of porn.

2. Better one great channel than five crappy ones

The more the merrier, we always say. So let’s start a Facebook page, a Twitter profile, a YouTube channel, a Pinterest, a MeWe, a Tumblr, a Digg, a Flipboard, a Snapchat, a Kik, a MySpace, a LinkedIn, a Reddit and who knows what else we can find.

An important thing to realise is that maintaining social media profiles requires time. To run an active Facebook page you’ll need at least a couple of hours per week. When you have to maintain 10 different profiles, we’re talking about days. That’s a lot of time you could probably better spend on other aspects of your business.

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Original publication 16 November, 2019

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