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10 questions and answers for the aspiring nudist


I do remember the first time, as a kid, I went to a naturist beach. I do not remember all the questions that went through my mind at that time, because there may not have been any, nudity felt normal, as everybody, as far as I can remember, was nude. However, some years later, having grown up and gone through diverse nude and textile experiences, I asked myself some questions on nudism and naturism, to which I found answers by searching and experiencing myself. I think they can be useful if you think about going to a naturist resort or beach, or going for a naked hike, or just staying at your place, but stripping down. Here we go:

1. Am I a pervert if I feel good naked?

Definitely no! There are million naturists in the whole world and by definition they are not perverts. There may be perverts among naturists, like they are among textile, I guess. But feeling good naked is just an appreciation of your own body and its nakedness. Being naked is natural, getting clothed while it’s rationally more comfortable to be nude is a taught behavior. Sexuality and nudity have been linked by society and religions. They are not linked at all. So, feel good, you are probably not a pervert, but an aspiring nudist who has just discovered that nudity is an awesome feeling.

2. Will I get aroused if I see people naked all around me?

May be, but probably not! Actually, as said previously, sexuality and nudity are two separate topics. I can have a sexual behavior while clothed. People tend to find a half clothed body carrying a more sexual message than completely naked one. My experience has shown however, that states of arousal happen, generally unconsciously. Nothing to be ashamed of, just carry on your activities or lay down on your towel until it ends.

3. What if I meet somebody I know personally or professionally?

Well, this is great news actually. You have a new nudist acquaintance! You are both nude, sharing time in your preferred clothing. If this person has been a nudist for a long time, he or she can mentor you. You should be open to the fact you are a newbie, your mentor can speed up your apprenticeship. Nudism is not something you should be ashamed about but proud of. Having nudist friends is the best thing that can happen to you, as this means you can carry more nudist activities that you may originally thought of.

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Source: Naked and Happy

Original publication 3 July, 2015

Posted on NatCorn 20th May 2021

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